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RT Energy


A company committed to helping reduce carbon emissions across the energy industry through process optimization, energy integration, carbon capture and sequestration.


RT Energy began with the main commitment to help the energy industry to optimize operations reducing carbon emissions and processing costs.


Practical experience optimizing processes and reducing carbon emissions in upstream, midstream and refining make our company widely qualified for the next decades of environmental and cost responsibility

Roberto Torrico
Managing Director 

Phone: +1 (214) 302-9457

Miguel Bagajewicz, PhD
Sr. Process Optimization Leader


Phone: +1 (214) 302-9457

Mechanical Engineer from UMSS University with post graduation studies in Natural Gas and Petroleum Engineering from UPSA/OU and CSU with more than twenty years of experience in Oil and Gas industry leading Project and Operations Management teams covering different positions from plant process, drilling engineering and management. Project and operation management experience in E&P, Refining and Acid gas Processing and Injection wells. Involved in management teams for operations and project execution. Professional practice in Gas Gathering/Treating/Processing Gas and Petroleum, Safety Design and operational HSE.
Self-motivated with a proven track record of managing multiple complex projects successfully due to strong analytic, problem-solving, organizational, and people skill set. Enjoying working with individuals of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and always looking for new challenges.
I am a firm advocate and implementer of global warming abatement through CO2 capture, process, and disposal or reuse into closed loop systems.

Dr. Bagajewicz is a professor at the University of Oklahoma. He has a bachelor in Chemical Engineering from Argentina and a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology, USA. He was a member of the staff of the National Research Council and an associate professor in Argentina; he worked at Simulation Science (California), where he participated in the development of Datacon. He is the author of several publications on data reconciliation and gross error detection as well as in instrumentation network design and upgrade. On this last subject, he is the author of the two books that review the field and presents the cost-optimal as well as the profit based paradigms. He also has several publications in the area of heat integration, crude fractionation design (including patents), acoustics-based separations, water management in process plant, product design and financial risk in engineering design and operations. His industrial experience is in the area of process engineering. He has participated in several basic engineering projects (heavy water plant in Argentina and several refinery energy revamps. His full vita is available at

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